Who is Redeemed South Bay?


"We are a community of disciple making disciples who exist to worship God and to proclaim the gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit that God might shine the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ for the salvation of men, women and children in the South Bay and to the ends of the earth."

We believe that discipleship is a life long process of following Jesus to learn and obey his instructions on how to live in God’s kingdom. When we live in God’s kingdom as Jesus has taught us, we begin to partner with God’s redemptive work in our homes, our communities, and the world. 

Jesus’ model for making disciples consisted of: teaching large crowds, small group instruction to his 12 disciples, and a more personal investment with Peter, James and John. We try to emulate not only the content but also the way Jesus made disciples and therefore, see each aspect as an integral part to the discipleship process. Jesus instructed in large groups, in smaller groups, and in intimate personal relationships. Therefore, we learn and instruct in large groups, in small groups, and in intimate personal relationships. 

Because of this, we are a people committed to be disciples and make disciples in 1) large crowd Sunday gatherings for worship, which includes: singing, giving, prayer, reading God's word, preaching God's Word, and Communion 2) Being a family (sharing our lives) with a smaller group in our homes 3) having a close personal investment with a few brothers or sisters in Christ. 

We understand that different people feel most comfortable with one or two of these aspects of discipleship, and have found that it is very easy to become focused on one aspect rather then all three. We believe that the environment most conducive for growth in godliness is the one that has a healthy balance of all three.