Idolatry: Hated and Exposed

Sermon Outline: 

1.  Passionately Hate Idolatry (vs. 16)

    a) Idolatry in Athens (vs. 16)

    b) Idolatry Hated by the Jealous God (Isa. 42.8, Deut 26:16-29, Ex. 20:25)

    c) Idolatry as Spiritual Adultery (Jer. 3:20, 6:9, Ex. 20:2-5)

    d) Idolatry: How do we feel about it?

2. Compassionately Expose Idolatry (vs. 17-18)

    a) With Biblical Reasoning (vs. 17)

    b) With Regularity (vs. 17)

    c) With Whoevers Willing (vs. 17)

    d) With Patience (vs 18)

          1) If Mocked (vs 18b)

         2) If Misunderstood (vs. 18c)

3. Be Zealously Devoted to the Glory of God in Jesus Christ