Enemies made Friends, Forevermore (Romans 5:9-11)

Sermon Notes

Proposition: In today’s sermon, Pastor Kenny Kauffman wants you to hear and joyfully employ 3 right responses to Romans 5:9-11.

  1. Bank on the doctrine of justification (vv 9a & 10a)

    • Justified by Jesus’ death (v 9a)

    • Reconciled by Jesus’ death (v 10a)

  2. Behold the reality of a greater salvation (vv 9b & 10b)

    • Future salvation through Jesus from future wrath (v 9b)

    • Future salvation through the resurrected life of Jesus (v 10b)

  3. Boast in the only God who saves (v 11)

    • Through our Lord Jesus Christ (v 11a)

    • In sight of receiving reconciliation (v 11b)