Stumbling over or Submitting to the Stone (Romans 9:30-33)

Sermon Notes

Proposition: In Romans 9:30-33, Paul shows that “outsiders” have trusted in God’s provision of righteousness, while National Israel failed to pursue it by faith, which was in accord with the unfailing Word of God.

  1. What? (vv. 30-31)

    1. Gentiles received righteousness without pursuit (v. 30)

    2. National Israel pursued righteousness without success (v. 31)

  2. Why? (vv. 32-33)

    1. National Israel faithlessly pursued righteousness without success (v. 32a)

    2. National Israel stumbled over the Stone (vv. 32b-33a)

    3. Gentiles believed in the Stone (v. 33b)