The Church: Deacons (Acts 6:1-7, 1 Timothy 3:8-13)

Sermon Notes

Proposition: In today’s sermon, two questions will be answered about the biblical office of Deacons so that you can rightly know the role of Deacons in the life of a local church.

  1. Why Deacons? What is their Purpose and Practice? (Acts 6:1-7)

  2. Who are Deacons to be? The Qualifications for Deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

Suffering? Rejoice! (Romans 5:3-5)

Sermon Notes

Question 1: How do we respond in our suffering?
Answer 1: When faced with suffering we rejoice!

Question 2: How can we rejoice in our sufferings?
Answer 2: By knowing that God is shaping for Himself an eternal people.

Question 3: What do we possess that allows us to endure through suffering?
Answer 3: We have the hope of future glory and the present reality of God’s
love and the Holy Spirit