Enemies made Friends, Forevermore (Romans 5:9-11)

Sermon Notes

Proposition: In today’s sermon, Pastor Kenny Kauffman wants you to hear and joyfully employ 3 right responses to Romans 5:9-11.

  1. Bank on the doctrine of justification (vv 9a & 10a)

    • Justified by Jesus’ death (v 9a)

    • Reconciled by Jesus’ death (v 10a)

  2. Behold the reality of a greater salvation (vv 9b & 10b)

    • Future salvation through Jesus from future wrath (v 9b)

    • Future salvation through the resurrected life of Jesus (v 10b)

  3. Boast in the only God who saves (v 11)

    • Through our Lord Jesus Christ (v 11a)

    • In sight of receiving reconciliation (v 11b)

God's Love Demonstrated (Romans 5:6-8)

Sermon Notes

  1. Our justification is sure because it isn’t based on us.

    • God’s love was demonstrated while we were weak. (v 6a)

    • God’s love was demonstrated while we were ungodly. (v 6b)

    • God’s love was demonstrated while we were sinners. (v 8)

  2. Our justification is sure because it is based on God’s love.

    • God’s love is incomparable to human love. (v 7)

    • God’s love was demonstrated by sending Christ. (v 6)

    • God’s love was demonstrated through the death of Christ (v 8)

Suffering? Rejoice! (Romans 5:3-5)

Sermon Notes

Question 1: How do we respond in our suffering?
Answer 1: When faced with suffering we rejoice!

Question 2: How can we rejoice in our sufferings?
Answer 2: By knowing that God is shaping for Himself an eternal people.

Question 3: What do we possess that allows us to endure through suffering?
Answer 3: We have the hope of future glory and the present reality of God’s
love and the Holy Spirit

Joyfully Justified (Romans 5:2)

Sermon Notes

What should we do with the glorious blessings of justification?

  1. Enjoy assurance in our present salvation (v. 5:2a)

    • No Christ. No Access.

    • Have Christ. Have Access.

    • Have Access. Have Assurance.

    • Have Assurance - ENJOY IT!

  2. Rejoice confidently in our future glorification. (v. 5:2b)

    • No Christ. No Hope.

    • No Hope. No Rejoicing.

    • Have Christ. Have Hope.

    • Have Hope - REJOICE IN IT!

There is None Righteous Apart from Christ (Romans 3:9-20)

Sermon Notes

Proposition: In Romans 3:9-20, Paul concludes his exposition on the doctrine of sin by stating that both Jews and Gentiles are not righteous, so that the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ might be proclaimed to both Jew and Gentile alike in Romans 3:21-5:21.

  1. The condition of Man under sin (vv. 9-18)
       a. The Charge: Both Jews and Greeks are under sin (v. 9)
       b. The Evidence:  OT Scriptures on Sin (vv. 10-18)
          i. The Universality of Sin (vv. 10-12)
          ii. The Manifestation of Sin (vv. 13-17)
             1) Sin revealed in speech (vv. 13-14)
             2) Sin revealed in seed (vv. 15-17)
          iii. The Primary Root of Sin (v. 18)
  2. The condition of Jews under the Law (vv. 19-20)
       a. The Law specifies and speaks to the Jews (v. 19a)
       b. The Law silences all (v. 19b)
       c. The Law holds all accountable (v. 19c)
       d. The Law justifies none (v. 20a)
       e. The Law exposes sin (v. 20b)

Let God Be Just (Romans 3:5-8)

Sermon Notes

Proposition: In Romans 3:5-8, we see a third misconception that can arise when a healthy dose of the doctrine of sin is applied to Jews who do not believe in the Messiah.

Review of the first two objections:

1. Then there is no value in being a Jew (3:1-2)
2. Then God must not be faithful (3:3-4)

Final objection:

3. Then God must not be just (3:5-8)

a. Is God really just? (v. 6)
b. Am I really a sinner? (v. 7)
c. Then we might as well do evil (v. 8)